“It’s All About The Music”

15 Aug

This phrase has been parroted countless of times by countless people. We’ve got musicians, critics, music lovers, hipsters, posers, hippies, whatever else there is.

Is it, though? Really?

Last Saturday night found me at a bar in the hopes of drowning my thoughts of the Harry Harlow Project I’d just seen at the Powerhouse (still no clue wtf it was about) in mindless music.

The first band was meh, the second was alright, the third was okay, and then I left for a bit. Came back, and found these guys setting up.

(Image courtesy of The Trip’s official website)

The frontman reminded me of an Australian Adam Levine, the other vocalist reminded me of a lovable lumberjack who happened to be really good at the guitar. In fact, they looked like a straight-out rock band.

Then they started playing. Without hesitation, you start noticing that this band is different. Their sound is more slick and together and than the raw humdrum beats currently riding the Brisbane music scene; and truth be told – they didn’t even sound Australian! That chord struck with me even more past the chorus of their first song, when Australian Adam Levine up there stopped playing his guitar, grabbed the mic off the stand and started rapping, complete with Jay-Z moves and crotch-grabbing galore. Back that up with a keyboardist at the side and a sick, sick DJ at the back, you’ve got me going:

What I loved about them was the fact that they didn’t find the need to conform to a simple 3-piece band with 2 guitarists and a drummer to keep up that ‘WE R A ROCK BAND’ persona – they were expanding as much as they wanted, dragging along a bassist, keyboardist and a DJ from God knows where – as long as they were hitting the notes of the unique sound they were going after.

And Goddamn, were they hitting that note.

They had a good rhythm coupled with an easy energy on stage and they genuinely looked like they were enjoying themselves up there. You’re probably thinking I sound stupid for pointing out these things but the next time you’re at a gig, look out for it. Look out for the ones on stage. Do they really look like they’re enjoying themselves, or are they too concerned with how they look, how they sound, what the next song is, the audience’s reaction?

I digress.

The Trip finished their set and I was already planning to get their album on iTunes. Naturally, I went online and googled them, found their website and found this:

They’re also frisbee enthusiasts.

Everyone else can jump on the bandwagon and label themselves “music purists” and state there’s nothing but the music; it’s always “all about the music”. But you know what? Fuck that. I thought The Trip was a pretty kickin’ band, with a unique sound and if I didn’t have a dollar for every time I heard that.

But when I found out that they play Frisbee too? They became a pretty kickin’ band with a unique sound WITH A SIDE SERVING OF AWESOME.

So, no, it’s not always about the music. Sometimes, it’s about the people behind it too.


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