What’s with these homies dissin’ my girl?

15 Aug

Why do they gotta front?

I hear so many people out there who say, “Weezer sold out! They’re just shitty, pop-music now!” You know what I say to that? THEY’VE ALWAYS BEEN A POP BAND. Rivers Cuomo has always strived to be the best pop-rock artist in the world. He even took it upon himself to become a student of pop-rock in the 90’s when he created “The Encyclopedia of Pop” for himself, a three-ring binder which broke down the mechanics of pop and rock, featuring songs by Nirvana, Green Day and Oasis. In it, he dissected the songs in as mathematical a manner as he could. “He figured if he could home in on Kurt’s formula, he’d figure out his own formula,” says Todd Sullivan, Weezer’s A&R man. “That way, he would be a never-ending supply of songs.”

My question to these haters is simple: Are you even listening to Blue Album? Even some of the songs on Pinkerton are pop songs. My Name is Jonas from Blue Album was even chosen for Guitar Hero, for god’s sake. I don’t see Angel & the One from Red Album (2008) on Rock Band. You simply just have to listen to realise.

Buddy Holly from Blue Album is one of the most recognised pop songs of the modern era and this was written at the start of their career!

Skip ahead some 14 years and what have we got…another pop song in Troublemaker. It’s the same catchy, quirky and riff-tastic Weezer sound as always.

My point is simple: Weezer are a band that should have been the biggest Pop-Rock group in the world. But for one reason or another, whether it be Rivers’ decision to go back to College following the success of their Debut-Platinum selling album, or Rivers’ outburst towards the fans in which he called them “little bitches”. Weezer have been able to keep up a sturdy catalogue of pop songs, even if you only count the singles. This is not to say I like most of the new music, it is obvious that post-Pinkerton, the quality of Weezer albums has gone down hill. My quarrel is with the common belief that they’ve sold out and become something they’re not.

Wrong, I say. Wrong. Weezer have been and always will be a Pop-Rock band writing Pop songs. =w= forever.


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