Debut or Redo?

16 Aug

Azari and Ill have, after a year of rumours, finally released their debut album. A self-titled concoction of house and electro beats served up with a whiff of “gay anthem” on the nose, one swallows these 12 tracks down with a single question in mind: new or renewed?

This Canadian outfit are for old school house lovers only. Technically a fresh and sharp sound with incredible whooshing bass lines, the production of the sound is masterful with layered tracks that call for the music to be played LOUD. However, one can’t help but think, it’s just so 1992. It’s so post modern it actually just sounds like it came straight out of an 90’s underground rave DJ’s stash of vinyls, sitting somewhere between Gat Decor and Ten City. Stop me if I’m wrong, stop me if I’m wrong…

Azari and Ill are yet to hit a Wikipedia status, however from those who saw them live in London last week, the feedback is more than positive. London dweller Sienna Croucher  said, “they were amazing!”

“The two vocalists were super engaging and were really getting into it… one of them was wearing these crazy rainbow tights and super high jeffrey campbel ‘lita’ platform boots (they have been the shoe of choice for every major fashion blogger for the last 8 months). The lighting was cool too, they had a big LED wall behind them which was super dope.”

Heck, I can handle the vintage vibe though, this track is going to go off at The Beat and I’ll be there chucking a four on the floor step with the rest, however it’s long awaited debut was definitely long awaited, by about 15 years I’d say.


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