I’m pissed off, dude.

29 Aug

Now I don’t want to clog up this page but I’ve finally had it. Dave Grohl is fucking pissing me off. He pays out on other bands like Coldplay for killing rock when, really, he’s the fucking problem. Coldplay aren’t under any illusions as to what they are…Pop. Dave Grohl thinks he’s part of some punk rock lone-warrior saving rock music, he used to be…their name was Nirvana, they died in ’94. Foo Fighters have become the most stale band I’ve ever heard. Album 1 & 2 are great (especially 2), they have urgency, punk rock intensity, emotion, anger, confusion..everything, but since then he’s obviously found the formula to what makes a successful rock album and he’s riding it for all it’s worth. He thinks we’re all suckers, too. I ain’t.


Where does that leave us? It leaves us with album after album of safe, Bon Jovi-sounding garbage. “Rock and roll is dead”, “punk rock is dead”, “we’re making a record in our garage”…this is the shit coming from this millionaire rock-star’s mouth. HAVE YOU HEARD THAT NEW ALBUM!? If I didn’t read the Foo Fighters label, I could swear I’m listening to the retarded fucking love-child of AC DC and Aerosmith. It’s an arena rock album! It’s easy to say you’re making an album in your garage when your garage is the size of anyone else’s whole fucking house and contains tens of thousands of dollars worth of high end recording equipment.


This is what we’re left with:



I think it’s fucking unfair for some out of touch “rock-star” like Dave Grohl to say punk is dead. Take a listen to Violent Soho or The Bronx and get back to me, twat. END RANT. 


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