Summer Predictions

30 Aug

Last year it was all Sleigh Bells and Mark Ronson, fake tan and denim underwear, this year it’s all half-shaved heads and denim jackets. But what will be the sing-a-long of choice? Here’s my guesstimates…

CSS: La Liberación/ Hits Me Like A Rock


This is a lame and quirky pop tune that I literally cannot get out of my head as I ride my pushy around the city today getting from class to class. I love Lovefoxxx, Primal Scream’s Bobby Gillespie is a rad dude and summer love is always a winning theme.

This is the first single off CSS’s third studio album, La Liberación and so far hasn’t hit 20,000 views on Youtube… But just you wait. CSS are masters of this kind of dance punk music with weird lyrics… A la LCMDF that has gained them American Teen TV Show soundtrack popularity in the past, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing happened this year. Hits Me Like A Rock is pretty tame compared to their 2006 stuff, that’ll piss off the old fans. However, as they don’t take their music too seriously, neither should we, just relax and admit it, it’s pretty cute.

BALL PARK MUSIC: It’s Nice To Be Alive


Aw man, this is a good, catchy, local, pop-indie tune. Last year it was their debut release, “IFLY” and now this. Not usually my scene and I especially don’t like blatantly optimistic slogans coming at me like bugs when I’m peddling through the park… However, great film clip. It is a pristinely produced three and a bit minutes of lovely clapping, harmonies and suitably quotable lyrics. A Youtube sensation I reckon, then Triple J will be all over it and bam, Hottest 100 top 20, fo sho.

BON IVER: Holocene


For the calmer mornings, nursing hang overs and band-aiding blisters, this beautiful track from Bon Iver’s self titled LP will soothe the stomachs and inspire a walk in the sunshine to cure all ailments. Justin Vernon (founder and songwriter) is a master of the ambient, delicate and quietly atmospheric musical qualities that build transient and meaningful music, track after track. Accompanied with a breathtaking film clip (a first for Bon Iver) this song makes me want to take off my helmet, throw my bike in the river and move to Norway, period.

What do you think though? Test them out on a bike ride in the sunshine, there’s no way you can deny it, this summer is warming up to be a cracker!


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