She be trippin’.

31 Aug

The Luna Lovegood of the indie music scene is back. Granted, you’d think that everyone in the indie scene is pretty trippy but Florence + The Machine always take it upon themselves to notch it up; whether it be intentional or not.

What The Water Gave Me spins a heavy flair of drama, tipped with declarations of undying love and the notion of death weighing down her words and it’s no wonder, because the song was inspired by the suicide of novelist Virginia Woolf, who had drowned herself.

Despite the nature of the song, Welch’s gospel pipes manage to strike a balance with the gravity of her words and the lingering fairytale notion that has quickly become distinct and second nature to the band.

I’ve always found an ethereal flair surrounding the music of Florence + The Machine, something that makes the songs stick to you, a clear haunting reverberation. Not gonna lie, this is some pretty trippy shit, but I’m pretty much sold anyway.

Their second album comes out November 7th.


One Response to “She be trippin’.”

  1. Sean August 31, 2011 at 1:07 PM #

    Florence have never failed to amaze me. C’mon she’s the queen of indie so to speak. can’t wait for her second album!

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