I want to play a Game

1 Sep
To people who love music

Will you love it, 
protect it, no matter rich or poor, 
regardless of poverty and disease, 
regardless of difficulties and setbacks?

Before you come up with your answer, allow me to grab your attention with a video which has stuck in my head for a long time. I want to play a game with you guys.

I want you to listen, feel with your heart and imagine what picture they are drawing, have a go at feeling the concept without the limitation of language and go down to the bottom of the entry to see the lyrics, see if you are just right with them. 


Without high quality recording equipment, just a broken Guitar, without a beautiful background view but a tiny, dilapidated room. Allow me to officially introduce my favourite band and also the sexiest band I feel, Xuri Yanggang (旭日阳刚). This video is the original cover of In Spring they uploaded online before they became famous.


Now they have become headline of the Chinese Spring Festival Gala in 2011- which is as big as the Super Bowl Halftime Show in the US. However, what impresses me the most is not what their achievements are after the original video, but how amazing the song is.

Well, I keep listening to lots of new songs, meanwhile, keep forgetting the majority of it or confusing it with others. Some of them, unfortunately, I never have an emotional resonance with; there is no profound personality, just a by-product within today’s popular culture. I am not saying today’s music industry is wrong. For some of the music, you and its relationship is only like greeting to the staff who scan your items in the supermarket and them greeting you back, and that’s it.

I begin to notice the reason why I see a lot of today’s music as just a product and why I fucking fell in love with Xuri Yanggang at first sight. Well, the picture below might give you some thoughts towards today’s music industry.

Finally, my big thank  to Xuri Yanggang !

Thank you for letting me feel your pledge of love to music.

Thank you for letting me know the most beautiful thing in the wolrd is a soul which has travelled around the world, experiencing all the suffering and pain, until it’s back, still able to be an unfettered soul.

Music knows no boundary between countries, well, at least a real music do. In fact, there is no such thing in a good music,  people will only understand the content by speaking the same language.  

It is your time to come up with your own result . As I promised, the lyrics is attached below.

In the Spring

Remember the spring many years ago
At the time I haven’t cut my long hair short
Without credit cards without her
Have a home without 24 hour hot water
But then I was so happy
Although with only a broken guitar
In the street, under the bridge, in the fields
Singing songs that nobody cares
If one day, I’m an old man
Please leave me there at that time
If one day, I leave quietly
Please bury me in the spring

Remember the lonely spring
I have not grown a beard at that time
Without Valentine’s day without gifts
Without my sweet little princess
I feel that nothing is so bad
Although I have only the illusion of love
In the morning, at night, in the wind
Singing songs that nobody cares
Maybe one day I’m old man
Please put me there at that time
If one day I leave quietly
Please bury me in the spring

Now gazing the spring in full bloom
Looks like the old warm time
I cut long hair, grew a beard
The pain was all gone with wind
But I feel it is so sad
Lost years left me confusion
In this sunny spring
I could not help the tears flowing
Maybe one day I’m an old man
Please leave me there at that time
If one day I leave quietly
Please bury me in the spring

If one day I am an old man
Please leave me there in the spring
If one day I leave quietly
Please bury me in the spring


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