Cute Pop Group of the Week!

5 Sep


BOY is comprised of Valeska Steiner & Sonja Glass, two gorgeous German girls capitalising on folk pop cuteness. Last week I posted about my summer predictions and I purposely left these guys (pardon the pun) out because I think they warranted their own spiel. There are a plethora of male folk acts (cough, favourite of mine Bon Iver, cough) out there making afternoon music and not enough girls… So here’s to new blood!

A mixture of Feist and Camille, BOY are like the German beach equivalent of our Laura Marling, without the country twang. This is the first release from the EP, entitled Little Numbers.

Such a pity they don’t sing anything in German, however perhaps I wouldn’t have heard of them if they had? Obviously language does provide a barrier in intended lyrical meaning, but that doesn’t stop our parents frothing over Puccini or 15 million people viewing the “Numa Numa” song.

But I digress, Thomas Hedlund, of Phoenix fame, drums on their EP Mutual Friends, however the rest was left up to the girls and their many instrumental talents. Like Sweden’s First Aid Kit, BOY’s music is painfully emotional, with the raw voices and acoustic guitars unmasked by metaphors, instead just the bare facts.

As in Little Numbers, the girls have a knack for the catchy as chicken pox choruses, with their sweet vocals and trendy look. Boys will swoon.


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