I can’t even.

13 Sep

I like pop music, okay? I do. I went through that whole boyband phase years ago just like every teenage girl out there, and yeah, I still know their lyrics, what of it? So after reading this, you can’t call me a music snob or deaf or say, “YOU JUST HATE POP MUSIC!” I don’t.

But this?

It’s sticky sweet pop music,  it’s a catchy tune, yeah, and it’s probably gonna get stuck in your head after you play that, sorry. Again, though, what is this? It’s ultimately an artist happily riding the coattails of his former success, that’s what it is.

Famous for his “lol I started making music in my parents’ basement” start-up story and accidental foray into Billboard for Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight, Owl City’s continued fame baffles me to no end.  All Things Bright And Beautiful clearly lacks that spark Ocean Eyes had – a clean, distinctive sound and addictive synthpop and indietronica beats. Actually, after Ocean Eyes, did you guys even realise he’d released another album?

I sure as hell didn’t.

His word-of-mouth sleeper hit inducing skillz were considerably less this time around and I can see why. Sure, there are great tracks like Deer in the Headlights and Galaxies but it seems to me that Owl City’s in more for a miss than a hit with his most recent album.

Like those one-hit-wonders, call me a one-hit-fan.


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