This week’s playlist!

22 Sep

It’s been such a massive week in Brisbane music-wise; the Brisbane Festival has had some amazing performances, we’ve got Counter Revolution coming up this Saturday over at the Botanical Gardens AND Parklife coming up next week!

Alas, there’s a hole in my pocket where my wallet used to be so I won’t be going to any of those – but who’s to say I can’t get my own fair share of great tunes, aye?

I think it’s no secret how much I completely adore Florence + The Machine so you should’ve seen this coming. Shake It Out is steadily cruising the airwaves as more details of their next studio album, Ceremonials, are revealed.

This is such, such a gem from Brissy band Founds. Smooth and bright – Holograms reminds me of how it’s like to be on cloud 9.

This isn’t a new track, and it isn’t a new band, but I’ve started listening to Honey and the Money because they’re just that good. They’re a Canadian pop/country band that doesn’t really cross anyone’s radar and it’s a goddamned shame. Screw your perceptions of how uncool pop is, or how country has nothing but men and women in plaid overalls stringin’ banjos with a straw in their mouth as others do a hoedown. I also know you’re thinking of Taylor Swift. Stop that.

Aaaah, Foster The People. If there were ever a band I’d like to miniaturise and keep in my pocket, you can bet it’s them. Best known for their summer hit Pumped Up Kicks, it’s been a whirlwind of a year for these three (adorable) blokes who flew by Australia a couple months back (and scaled the Sydney bridge!). Their studio album Torches was released earlier this year and now the band are currently on their American tour. Houdini is the lesser known baby of their album, but it’s just as good as the one that kick-started their rise to the airwaves.


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