Forever Beyond

27 Sep

If you want me to say which band can represent and have a major impact on modern Chinese music industry during 1980s, I will plump out without doubt; Beyond, the most representative rock band from Hong Kong. Or you may also be interested to know, the extremely grieved period for Chinese music history: the moment we lost Wong Ka Kui, who was the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and the spirit of Beyond.


When Ka Kui died in a stage accident, millions of fans used their own ways to give profound condolence to their favourite star, who has been considered the most inspired symbol of promoting Chinese rock music within a worldwide sense. Ka Kui used to be a rebellious youth like most of us, but after, he chose to become a musician that fought for freedom, dreams and peace. It’s not hard to notice the majority of his songs were the reflection of social issues such as injustice, war, racism, poverty, family and his pursuit of dreams. Till now, many young people who weren’t born in that generation, still engage with Beyond, singing their songs thousands of times, no matter whether it be experienced obstacle for lives or pursuit for the new starts. In that sense, I can still feel the spirit of beyond hasn’t died along with Ka Kui. It’s just like a bottle of aging-sealed red wine, the longer the bolder. And I hope one day, when I’m getting too old to walk outside, I will still be able to enjoy my life inspired by my vivid memory of Beyond, that unforgivable era full of passion and hope.

Glorious days (光辉岁月)

By Beyond

The bell ring calls for home

In his life

Likely with a few sighs

What black skin gives him

Is to devote himself

In the process of fighting for equality

Time turns possession into losses

But there is still hope in his tired eyes

Today only empty body left

To welcome glorious days 

Hold on to the freedom in the rain

Hoping against hope for all his life

He still believe he can make his own future

Who can do as he did

Can we forget the color of each other

I hope on the land

There is no inequality

The beauty of rainbow consists in

It is not separated

Under a vast sky海阔天空)

The night is bitter cold, the snow is flurrying
My heart is freezing, my mind is wandering
Rushing through the storm, uncertainty surrounded by mists
Between the sky and ocean, will we change in this boundlessness
— No one can escape the changes
How many times have I faced ignorance and humiliation
Never have I given up my dreams and determination
In a moment of distraction, a feeling of abstraction
The love in my heart has faded without realization
— Can anyone understand?
Forgive my passion for freedom, and the untamed heart
Even someday I am also frightened, I could fall hard
Everyone has a choice to betray their believes
Even someday I have nothing but you, I wouldn’t be scared
I will always be the free spirit and proud,
I will forever sing my songs out loud,
I will nonstop walk across thousands of miles


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