Oh Ye Early Finish

12 Oct

Review: Street Press Australia, 4ZZZ and Golden District presents: Megastick Fanfare and Oh Ye Denver Birds (September 24th, 2011)

Oh Ye Denver Birds (OYDB) are Brisbane celebrities, with chatty front man Dominic bubbling, “I’m super excited to begin the tour in Bris. We’re going to few places on this tour that we have never played before such as Wollongong & Ballarat so they should be a blast too!”

After being labelled with an obnoxiously large “Wild Parlour” stamp on entry, Alhambra is looking a little quiet considering the 300+ response on the Facebook event, RSVPs just ain’t the obligation they used to be.

Megastick Fanfare begin at 9pm sharp with a hooting, maraca filled track that unfortunately doesn’t instil much movement in the crowd.

These five, friendly looking Sydney boys, with nice – make Mum proud – haircuts complimenting their polite stage banter, “wow, you guys are being very well behaved!”, unfortunately sound so much like Animal Collective you kind of just wished you were listening to the Brooklyn boys, rather than their young counterpart.

However that is not to say that the sound was bad, in fact, punter Lucy thought that it made it easier to listen to, “I love that people are making music so similar to A/C, it expands my choices when i’m in the mood for that kind of thing”.

At 10pm on the dot (what is it with Alhambra and timeliness?) OYDB begin with a long intro of “Swamp”, a song that illustrates what OYDB are about, taken from their upcoming album Good Ivy, due for release in February 2012.

“We all draw inspiration from many different bands and experiences and we try to use this broad array of interests to create something fresh and original. We have always tried to make our band stand out from the rest and make sounds that are new to peoples ears. Otherwise what is the point of creating music?” Dominic Stephens (lead singer, synths, rhythm guitar.)

The audience thickens during the set and a few girls express their love through interpretive-gypsy-turn-stripper dance moves to the band on stage, so much so that key boardist Kat Gough stifles laughter while she, too, grooves along to their all absorbing sound.

How do they react to fans like that? Dominic says it’s no issue, “the atmosphere that a packed room creates is indescribable and always seems to help your performance in the most positive and surprising ways.”

OYDB smash through their tracks, ending on a high note with Triple J Unearthed 5/5 rated, “Walls”. But as Dominic says over the feedback, “it sucks we have to finish up early tonight, guys”, obviously Alhambra’s mum had a strict curfew :s.

Megastick Fanfare Grit Aglow is now out through Other Tongues, OYDB have just released  the single, “I Believe in Love, Kid” with a crazy technicolour film clip exclusively on TheMusic.com.au.


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